Can I hang an address sign from my Lamp Post?

While we do not manufacture an address arm specifically designed for our lamp posts; many customers have installed our "Arm Plus" (Part #MP5818) onto our Liberty Lamp Post, from which an address plaque can be hung. (Arm Pictured Below on our Woodhaven Address Sign)

The arm attachment will not work with our Signature Lamp Post as the inset panel within which the arm would sit, is a little too narrow.

Our lamp posts are designed as a decorative sleeve to slide over an existing lamp post, or can be purchased with the 3” diameter steel pipe for a new installation. When installing the bracket on the lamp post, be sure to use screws that are able to tap into the metal pipe that is inside the decorative sleeve (being careful not to hit any wires). It is important that a connection is made with the metal pipe inside so that it can support the weight of the sign.

Please Note that this is a custom installation.  This arm was not specifically designed for this use and we therefore cannot make any guarantees on the performance of this installation.

While we do not sell the plaque pictured in the attached photo of our Woodhaven Address Sign, it is available for purchase from Whitehall Products. A copy of Whitehall’s order form has been linked below.  You will find the ordering information located in the bottom right corner of the second page. Whitehall typically does not sell directly to the general public, however, they will for this particular program they have set up with Mayne.


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