Can I get a Fairfield or Nantucket window box longer than 5 feet?

Unfortunately at this time, due to certain limitations in the manufacturing process we are unable to manufacture anything longer than a 5 foot window box in the Fairfield or Nantucket style.

Many of our customers who have been in need of a longer Window Box have created a "side by side" look, by mounting two window boxes next to each other, which creates a stunning visual. 

Below are photos sent to us from a customer that swapped out her 5' Window box for 2x 3' boxes and the results are lovely!

Before - 1x 5' Nantucket Window box on a 6' Window

After - 2x Side-By-Side Nantucket Window Boxes

If your heart is not completely set on the Fairfield or Nantucket style, our Yorkshire Window Boxes are available in 2 to 8 feet lengths that are customizable to suit your needs. You can easily cut to fit the Yorkshire Window Boxes to fit any length desired and unlike our Fairfield and Nantucket Models are able to be painted.


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