How can I customize the size of my Yorkshire Window Box?

The Yorkshire Window Box is available in 7 sizes from 2 to 8 feet. At Mayne we understand not all windows are the same size and customization may be required for our customers desired look.

Step 1: Dry fit the window box (pre-assembled without any glue). Hold the window box in place and measure the preferred width of the box.

Step 2: Take apart the front, back, and bottom panels. Mark off the desired cut lengths using a marker and a straight edge. (Example: You purchased a 3FT Window box but your window is only 32inches in length- simply cut off 4 inches).

Step 3: Using a fine toothed saw cut the panels along the line created by the marker. Be sure to use a proper blade that is able to cut plastic.

Step 4: Make sure that all 3 panels have been cut to the exact same length. Once this is confirmed refer to the Yorkshire Window Box instruction sheet for final assembly.

Please see attached for images.


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