Where can I get an address plaque for my Mayne Mail Post/Address Sign?

There is a company called Whitehall who manufactures plaques specifically to fit within the inset panels of our posts.

Below is a list of the plaques they offer for each specific post:

Bradford, Dover, Signature Plus, Newport Plus, Westbrook Plus, Rockport Mail Posts – Vertical Post Plaque #1553

Dover, Charleston Plus, Signature Plus, Rockport Mail Posts – Newspaper Box Plaque #1612 (right angle), #1611 (left angle)

Signature Plus, Westbrook Plus Mail Posts – Planter Box Plaque #1551 (right angle), #1552 (left angle)

Woodhaven Address Sign Post – Hanging Oval Plaque #2509 (one-line option), #2510 (two-line option)

Nantucket Address Sign - Nantucket Estate Plaque #1675 (one-line option), #1674 (two-line option)

Winchester Address Sign - Concord Estate Plaque #1300 (one-line option), #1301 (two-line option)

Whitehall typically does not sell directly to the general public, however, they will for this particular program they have set up specifically for Mayne products.

The Order Forms and information for these products has been linked below.  For more information you can Contact Whitehall directly at 1-800-728-2164.

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