How can I add an electrical outlet to my Mayne Lamp Post?

We have had a number of customers inquire about doing this and it could certainly be done with the help of a certified electrician and a little modification to the post. The material that the post is made of can be cut fairly easily using a fine tooth saw or regular utility knife to make an opening for the outlet. The base of the post should have enough room to accommodate a standard small outdoor outlet, as this section of the post measures about 9.5” in width and 6.5” in height, and there is roughly 3.5” of space available on each side of the aluminium pipe within the post. Of course, any questions regarding the mounting or wiring of the outlet should be directed to your local electrician.

Please be advised that once any modifications are made to the lamp post it cannot be returned and the warranty will be voided. We hope that this information is helpful to you!

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