Are there any winter storage tips for my Mayne Planter?

Mayne products are made from durable polyethylene that holds up extremely well in all types of weather conditions - they can be left outside during the winter months.  Be sure that your planters or window boxes are draining properly although there will always be some water left in the reservoir which is fine.  Our double-walled design will allow room for the water to expand during freezing so there is no risk of cracking.

If you do decide to bring them in however, here are some Winter Storage tips:

  • Remove all plants, flowers and soil from the patio planters or window boxes.
  • Remove window boxes from their brackets by angling the bottom portion toward you while pulling them out.
  • For best results, clean your planters and window boxes by spraying them with a high pressure washer.
  • Remove as much water as possible by turning the planter or window box over and shifting it from side to side.  Note:  It will be nearly impossible to remove all of the water from the reservoir.
  • Tall planters can be emptied completely by removing the insert tray and dumping the water out.
    Note:  If you have difficulty removing the tray, try pushing down on one corner while pulling up on the opposite corner.  You can also try inserting a screw driver behind one of the corner edges to give you some leverage.

Mayne Patio Planters can be stored outdoors or in your garage or shed without worry.  As noted above, even with some water left in the reservoir there is no risk of cracking as our double-walled design will allow room for the water to expand when freezing.

Don’t let the cold and snow deter you from using your Mayne planters!  Try dressing them up with some greenery or holiday ornaments to add some color to your home and garden during the winter months!

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