Where are Mayne Products Made?

All of Mayne's Polyethylene Planters, Window Boxes, Storage Bins, Mail Posts, Lamp Posts and address Signs are Manufactured in ALLIANCE OHIO.

From concept to completion, the team at Mayne takes pride in every step of the manufacturing process. Using state of the art CAD software and rotational molding techniques, Mayne has developed an extensive line of outdoor décor products that add character and charm to any home or property.


Only high quality polyethylene resin is selected to mold our products ensuring consistent, long lasting durability with each and every part. We use low density polyethylene which has excellent weathering capabilities and is an ideal material for roto molding detailed parts.


Our manufacturing facility is equipped with several roto mold machines including 3-arm and 4-arm Ferry machines that allow us to run parts in a variety of shapes and sizes. Below are a few examples of our molds before and after the molding process. The tool cavities are filled with resin and then heated in a large oven. As the parts rotate the plastic resin begins to melt forming a coating on the inside of the tool. Once the cycle is completed the tools are opened and parts removed.

image005 image007 image009

Once the parts have finished the molding process, they move over to our finishing area. A series of jigs and fixtures have been designed to trim and assemble parts as needed. Products are inspected, cleaned and prepared for final packaging.

image011 image013 image015

Mayne has over 60,000 square feet of dedicated warehouse space in Ohio to facilitate the growing demand for our product. We stock over 520 skus all ready for direct shipment to our customers at a moments notice. Our shipping department has a fully automated system that integrates our order department with our UPS shipping terminals down on the warehouse floor. That means better accuracy and reduced lead times for shipments. Our logistics team makes delivering products to our customers a top priority.

image017 image019 image021

The end result is a low maintenance product that will provide you with years of worry free enjoyment. The team at Mayne encourages you to give our products a try. You’ll be surprised at the strength, durability, and charm!

image023 image025

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